Diva software change log

Here you will find the Diva software changes for the different versions of the updates.

Version 1.8 (03/21/2022)

New Features
  • CBR and CBT support
  • Screenshot
  • Battery level display
  • Default font: Sanchez
  • ICU support
Fixes and improvements
  • Wifi improvement
  • Comic Mode Enhancement
  • Improved library lending

Version 1.7 (16/11/2021)

New Features
  • API-APP (library ready)
  • Cover regeneration
  • Synchronization V3
  • Offline grading
Fixes and improvements
  • LCP side-loading
  • Displaying covers when opening an undownloaded book

Version 1.6.2 (09/27/2021)

Fixes and improvements
  • Corrected regressions:
    • Opening txt files
    • Updating the page when displaying an epub
  • Opening cbz files with file extensions in uppercase zip
  • Sorting when viewing eReader content into folders

Version 1.6 (08/17/2021)

New Features
  • Added comic book mode (zoom on epub file)
  • 3-D Secure payment
  • Auto power off when battery is too low
  • Basket icon when making a purchase
Fixes and improvements
  • Correction of the display of the number of pages read
  • Selecting a word without punctuation
  • Infinite Wi-Fi Spinner
  • Keep store status bar if no filter result

Version 1.5 (03/15/2021)

New Features
  • Cbz file support
  • Pinch to Zoom for cbz and pdf files
  • Added link to RMSDK privacy policy (https://www.adobe.com/en/privacy/policy.html) Settings -> Information<:li>
  • Adobe Account Join Support
  • Opening links with the browser /li>
  • Added a back button in the summary before payment
  • Using footer space if empty when reading a pdf file
  • Production Certificate for RMSDK by Adobe
  • On the application's home page, when the "My library" section is empty, a text offers to go to the store
  • Addition of a "Selection" button on the Leclerc store (and on all the stores that may have one because the addresses of the "Selection" and "Category" buttons are no longer hardcoded)
  • The user is warned that account creation may take time (login, synchronization and connection with Adobe)
  • User warned of the need for an update after 03/01/2021
Fixes and improvements
  • Modifies the "Lighting" checkbox when the light is activated or deactivated via the physical button
  • Fixed navigation issue in Letto Adlibris store
  • On the Chapitre shop, there is no longer any need to log in again after creating an account to make a purchase
  • Fixed display of download bars
  • Fixed issues with DRM Care
  • Account creation blocked for some Actissia stores
  • No longer displays an error while the user is typing a search in the store
  • Repaired tactile navigation on the Adlibris store

Version 1.4 (07/12/2020)

New Features
  • The on-board store can now handle currencies other than euros
  • Ability to automatically turn off the eReader after a certain time of inactivity in standby (adjustable by the user)
Fixes and improvements
  • Fixes the case where the eReader could turn off without showing the power off screen when the cover was closed
  • Scrolling in PDFs in landscape mode now works correctly
  • When you delete a book on the disk of the reader from the computer, it is now deleted in the interface of the reader when you restart it
  • When configuring the reader, if no bundle in the chosen language is available, uses the English bundle by default
  • In the store, the choice of price filters automatically turns into a continuous range of prices (to match the behavior of the server)
  • Improves footnote display with vertical alignment in ePubs
  • Remove duplicates that may have appeared in library search
  • Sorting books in the library is no longer case-sensitive
  • Better support for some Wi-Fi networks
  • Improves the conversation of user data (annotations, reading lists, etc) in the event of a forced restart of the eReader
  • The text size of a definition in the dictionary now matches the font size used for the book text
  • The "My Folders" view now reopens at the last folder viewed and no longer at the root of the reader

Version 1.3 (03/09/2020)

New Features
  • Added a web browser (in beta) in the settings
  • Improved diagnostics when downloading a book fails
  • Prevents the eReader from going to sleep when it's on the download update screen
  • Informative message when a purchased book is being prepared and automatically restarts the download after a delay
Fixes and improvements
  • Fixes the problem of downloading very large files on the eReader
  • Opens the correct book from the library search beyond the first page of results
  • Removed inactive pop-up button from library book search
  • When configuring the device, offers the CEST (Central European Standard Time) time zone by default
  • Images display correctly when the colors of the book are inverted (black background white text) and there is no longer an empty white bar at the bottom of the page
  • Correctly handles the download of a file that is already present in the reader
  • The "cover of the current book" screen saver setting is taken into account when closing the cover on Diva HD
  • Multiple book deletion works when selecting books on multiple pages
  • Time when annotations were taken is displayed in the correct time zone
  • Correctly handles adding/removing a book to the cart and archiving a purchased book if the server returns a 500 error
  • Opens an Adobe ID login form when downloading an acsm if no linked account (Adlibris only: no adobe force)
  • Displays the price correctly on a book on sale when the file is opened directly from the autocomplete
  • More responsive display of text size change during a zoom in/out gesture
  • Fixed typing of some special characters in QWERTY/QWERTZ keyboards
  • Faster opening of the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Fixes title and content issues when backtracking in the literary genre tree

Version 1.2 (05/25/2020)

New Features
  • Ability to change text size for ePubs with a zoom in/out gesture
  • New interface languages: Dutch, Polish and Bulgarian
  • New keyboards: QWERTZ, JCUKEN, Bulgarian BDS
  • Possibility to sort orders and pre-orders in "My account" and button to synchronize purchases
  • For stores in browser mode, possibility to define the display of the reader (full screen, navigation bar)
  • The device shutdown window now offers to restart by installing the update if there is one pending
  • In the grid view of the library, if there is no cover available the title and the author are now displayed
  • Support for renewing LCP licenses via an HTML page
  • In case of a certificate error on an API or web page, the user can now choose to continue or go back
  • In the event of a missing link when purchasing one or more books, a message explains that it can synchronize to find the links when they are ready
Fixes and improvements
  • Embedded store: correctly loads the card of a recommended book when opened after a backspace
  • Embedded store: physical next/previous buttons are now active in the "All selections" view
  • Embedded store: making a return during the payment process with a single book in the basket no longer removes it from the basket
  • The installation of an update no longer starts until a Wi-Fi network is connected
  • In the collection view, after renaming the name of the collection is refreshed
  • The Wikipedia search in a book now uses another API (the previous one having been partially deprecated no longer provides all the necessary information)
  • Better management of Wi-Fi in the application (especially in the event of reconnection/deactivation in the embedded store)
  • Fixes page switching in "Simplify layout" mode (reflow) for PDF
  • Page turning in PDFs is twice as fast.
  • Search in PDFs is now displayed correctly
  • User-added fonts load correctly when book is reopened
  • Possibility to adjust the light intensity more finely for low values
  • The application no longer crashes when trying to extract the cover of an Adobe DRM protected book that cannot be opened
  • Canceled pre-orders are correctly deleted from the database
  • User dictionaries are removed from the list in settings when they are deleted from the device
  • Email verification when creating an account is now less restrictive

Version 1.1 (01/16/2020)

New Features
  • OpenDys font integration
  • Ability to keep the page being read visible when in standby
  • Access the list of all selections in the store
  • Ability to flip the interface for devices without accelerometer
  • New languages for the interface: German, Italian and Hungarian
Fixes and improvements
  • Display of the loan end date in the correct language
  • Disappearance of very frequent flashes when entering text
  • 'Return' key in reading correctly displayed for links, search and table of contents
  • Improved preview close button behavior when moving through book pages
  • Proper extraction of covers from Adobe DRM-protected books
  • Improved management of recommendations (no arrow if no remaining recommendations)
  • Downloading an archived book from the store unarchives it well
  • The display of the cover of the book being read is done correctly even if you haven't turned any pages yet
  • Fixed issues with closing the account creation popin on error
  • Images in jpeg and gif format now render correctly in PDFs
  • Multiple archiving of books is now taken into account
  • Time to end of page/chapter counter is now more reliable
Graphic improvements
  • Added gray borders around book covers
  • The text size of the definition of a word in the dictionary is now consistent with the rest of the interface
  • Pre-order cancellation display window suitable for all screen resolutions

Version 1.0 (05/11/2019)

Initial production release