• Pen input

    Wacom technology with 4096 pressure levels.

  • Paper effect

    Eink screen (16 levels of gray) readable in direct sunlight with a 1404*1872 resolution of 227dpi

  • Large display

    Display area of 10.3 inches (26cm) diagonal equivalent to A5 format

  • Lighting for night use

    Programmable brightness with blue light adjustment option.

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A fully-fledged tablet

The Notéa can be considered as a full-fledged Android touchscreen tablet offering access to an application store. The Notéa is equipped with two speakers and a microphone.

Technical specifications


Model: CYBN10F

Function: Digital notepad

Dimensions: 191.1 x 232.5 x 8.0mm

Weight: 460 g


Operating System: Android 8.1

Play Store: Installable


Size: 10.3'' (26cm)

Resolution (Pixels): 1404*1872

DPI: 227

Grayscale: 16

Capacitive Screen: Yes

Wacom (EMR): Yes

Front Light (FL): Yes

Blue Light Filter: Yes


CPU: 1.8 GHz Quad-Core


Storage: 32 GB

USB 2.0: Type C

Charging LED: White

Headphones: Type-C

Mic: Yes

Speaker: Stereo

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth: BT 4.2

Bluetooth BLE: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Hall Effect: Yes (Smart cover)

Power button: Power on/off

Battery life

Type: Lithium-Ion Polymer

Capacity: 3.7V/4000mAh

Standby consumption: 2.0mA

Standby time : 60 days


Wacom (EMR): Yes (4096 pressure levels)

Bluetooth: 3 buttons: standby, up, down

Micro-USB: Battery charging for Bluetooth function

Paper-like tablet

Pressure-sensitive WACOM pen allows you to draw with great precision. Originally developed for professional graphic tablets, this technology needs no wires or batteries and allows flexible and precise writing. Instant response on the textured Eink surface provides a writing experience which looks and feels like paper.

Ultra-precise input for professionals

Originally developed for professional graphic designers, Wacom's technology allows very precise input without interference with the palm of your hand. The Notéa is therefore compatible with all Wacom styluses and can manage up to 4096 levels of pressure.

  • Convert handwritten notes into text

    Automatic conversion of handwritten notes to text by MyScript© (33 languages)

  • Annotating documents

    Note taking directly on PDF and EPUB documents

  • Sharing by email

    Direct sending and receiving of notes and documents from the Notéa.

  • Screen share

    Screen sharing and TV casting via Miracast

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A new tool in your workspace

The Notéa adds digital functions to your notepad. Handwriting recognition, annotation of books and documents, sharing by email, screen sharing on large display.

Expertise in digital writing

The Notéa integrates Myscript©, the most powerful handwriting recognition engine. Notes, whether written in cursive, capital letters or script, are converted in seconds to a Txt or PDF file. Don't leave your handwritten content out of your daily life in the digital world.

  • 1 weeks of battey life

    4000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Memory

    32 GB of internal storage and access to various cloud storage services via apps.

  • Forwarding and Sharing

    Wifi wireless connection: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth: BT 4.2 & BLE.

  • USB-C

    USB connector for charging, headphones, PC connection

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Autonomous and mobile

Thanks to its lightweight, your Notéa can be carried everywhere with you . Its high capacity battery (4000 mAh) will give you weeks of battery life without refilling. The Notéa has 32GB of internal storage and can also sync with different cloud services.

  • Fingertip interface

    Capacitive touch screen without pen interference

  • Audio

    Speakers or headphones via USB-C or Bluetooth for audio applications

  • Audio recording

    Built-in microphone for apps requiring audio recording and/or sound capture

  • Application store

    Compatible with the Android 8 system. Access to the Playstore to download Apps.

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  • Textured lead

    The tip of the stylus specially designed to provide a touch very close to that of writing on paper.

  • Eraser

    Side button that allows the stylus to switch to eraser mode and erase by line or by area.

  • Ctrl-z

    Nothing is irreversible on the Notéa, side button for undoing and resuming the last strokes made with the stylus.

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth pairing with the Notéa allowing customization and the use of three side buttons. USB rechargeable Bluetooth function.

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The Notéa and its accessories

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